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The potential with the new enterprise that I have established with a partner, Frank Curtin, has great potential. I’m referring to Pivot Point Enterprises and most notably the potential of the business management platform that we have created called Doc&Do (Doc as in Document & Do as in the actions you take).

If you are yet unfamiliar with the Doc&Do platform, then let me just briefly tell you that it’s an online platform that helps you do many, many things, among which getting all your employees onto the same page so they can deliver what they need to deliver up to par on a consistent basis throughout your organization (both internally as well as externally). You can ensure that all your business processes get documented and the platform can then bring this key information to the new hires and others so they can perform any task in your business cause now they have the step by step instructions readily available.

Well, this is but one aspect of the Doc&Do business management platform’s abilities. It can do so much more as you will see if you start looking into it. In fact as you work more and more with the platform you will discover new and awesome ways in which you can use the platform to help you in your business and possibly elsewhere. It has these strengths because the platform is non-industry-specific and also super, super flexible. In other words you can make great use of the platform for your business – whatever your business does and whichever industry your business belongs to. It’s a super flexible platform, because you can set things up the way you like it. Yes, templates will be introduced and can help you on your way to great structure from the get go, but you don’t need to apply these and if you do, you can still change things, delete certain sections or add others where you wish to do so.

If you have followed news as of late, you may have seen how a number of banks have been fined huge fines for certain non compliance issues. These fines have run into billions of dollars, so it’s not an easily overlooked thing for the banks to worry about.

We explored a bit how the Doc&Do platform might help with such issues and how it could be of use in daily tasks associated with securing compliance and we found our platform to be absolutely perfectly befitting the challenges the banks have and indeed we believe that if they were to use the Doc&Do platform they might save a lot of money – well, possibly billions.

Our finding were confirmed when we spoke with a few bankers who took time to sit in with us on a presentation of the platform.

Needless to say, we are quite excited about this potential.

Naturally, this is not to say the bank in question has quite embraced our platform yet nor implemented it for their daily operations. We are only one meeting in and as one can imagine it’s a process for us to get the right persons within the bank to have the presentation and then following that it’s a process to have them reach a stage of approving the platform. But the bankers who saw the platform and had the opportunity to ask numerous questions and heard our suggestions of how it could help them from just a few perspectives, well, they were very impressed and agreed that the platform could help them tremendously.

Could Doc&Do Help Banks Save Billions

Again, this application of the platform is but one niche applications. The platform bring huge value to any organization and any business of any size and any industry.

We still have large challenges of bringing the full potential into real applications in the marketplace, but the platform is actually already fully operational, robust and secure. As we move forward, the platform will naturally continue its development and more than likely more benefits will be added to it over time. However, our biggest challenge is not making the platform work as intended cause it already does that, no one of the biggest challenges is actually that of telling the world in a brief sentence what the platform will do for them.

You see, when it can solve so many problems and add so much help it can be difficult to narrow the message down into a short sentence. Down into an elevator speech if you will. And if we tell people just how much it will be able to do for them and their business, well, then they’ll likely not believe us, for it’s so many problems it will solve and so many improvements it will bring. And we as humans are just wired in a way that, then we would believe this is just too good to be true.

Thus, if you are reading this, I would love to hear your feedback and your suggestions as to how we would word the benefits of our platform or how you would word what the platform does. If you need a more in depth demonstration of the platform then we would be happy to comply. Your help and feedback is valuable. And of course, if you were to see the platform in action and would get a glimpse of understanding it, then we know you too would want to adopt it for your business.

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