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Once again I have been fortunate to have a book hit the best seller list. In fact 5 best seller lists were hit on Amazon on its release date.

The book in concern is Marketing Miracles which I co-authored with Dan Kennedy and it carries the sub-title Odd, Unusual, Breakthrough Strategies That Build Great Businesses!

Marketing Miracles features top advice from leading entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing experts in a variety of industries from around the world. The authors tackle an array of subjects including the most creative strategies and tactics to attract clients and customers…and keep them, as well as guarantee higher sales conversations. I contributed a chapter titled “The Power Of A Price?

My chapter looks at the two extremes: Selling something at an uniquely high price and selling something for Free and I look at some real life examples of how you can benefit greatly in your business from utilizing either or possibly both of these strategies. I have had personal experience with both strategies and can vouch for their effectiveness. But there are pitfalls that you want to avoid. More on this matter can be found in the chapter I contributed to the book. Other great chapters are in the book from some of the greatest marketeers of today, including Dan Kennedy himself. Those not familiar with Dan Kennedy owe themselves to get to learn from him. He is truly one of the greatest current marketing strategist of today and is in fact widely know for this.

Marketing Miracles can be bought on Amazon or you can order a copy from me.

A press release was issued today also, which you can read here.


Marketing Miracles Cover Mikkel Pitzner