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Recently I was working on a cash flow tool. If you know anything about business you’ll understand how important cash flow is. Without decent cash flow your business soon can die. ⁣

Yet what’s amazing is that hardly any of the businesses I have had the pleasure of consulting of been engaged with in one for or another had any real measure or tool to provide management with real solid cash flow insights. In fact none of these businesses had any such thing. And we are talking about in excess of 100 companies that I have personally seen. And yes, they even include my own back in the day when I didn’t know any better. ⁣

But anyways, I have this superb tool now. It’ll give you extremely precise and detailed insight into everything cash flow of your business. I can for instance see today that in precisely 7 weeks I might have a real challenge on hand with my cash availability. ⁣

Well, do you think it’s better to know that today or would you rather find out in 7 weeks?⁣

So you think if you knew it today, there might be things you could do now that could improve your cash in 7 weeks?⁣

With such insights, do you believe you may be in a better position to make better decisions for your business and better allocation of your resources including your cash?⁣

You bet!⁣

But as I was working on the tool I realized that I needed some pretty hefty macros in there for advancing the week as time goes by and so that the user can continuously update the cash flow overview. ⁣

I never built macros let alone knew anything of how to make them. But I know a guy who is an expert. ⁣

I formulated this nice letter to engage him into helping me out building this part of the tool and was just about to send it out, when last minute I decided: No, I was going to do this myself, figure out how this is done, upgrade my knowledge and gain better understanding of how this all works and finally be more independent in such matters going forward. ⁣

About 1.5 days later and I had the thing figured out and coded and now I even knew the back end of such tools. The tool is phenomenal and I uplevelled myself greatly. ⁣

Everything is figureoutable. You just to have the right mindset and attitude. ⁣

Miracles can happen when we accept tough jobs or tough challenges. ⁣

If You’re Going To Play, You Might As Well Play To Win