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One of my absolute highest sources of inspiration of current is Peter Diamandis.

Most people I meet don’t actually know of him (yet), but he is a remarkable character and his story is absolutely amazing and mind-blowing.

From very early age, Peter was so enthralled with the prospect of space travel, so when he grew up and it was time for him to pursue his studies, he figured his best chances to obtain a space travel experience himself, was to get a medical degree, so that he thereby might get his chance at getting on a crew bound for space.

As time past by though, he learned that NASA and American Space Programs in general, were winding down their space programs rather than pursuing the quest further and it appeared that space travel opportunities were never going to happen. He realized, that if he was ever to experience his dream, he would have to make it happen himself somehow.

Against insurmountable obstacles and unbelievable odd, Peter set out to solve the problem himself.

In the words of Peter, himself: “Most people fail, because they give up”.

Well, Peter didn’t give up. Instead he ventured forth to find a solution himself to make private space travel a possibility and when a friend of his gave him a book describing how Charles Lindberg decided to cross the Atlantic because a prize had been set up, Peter had an epiphany and realized that using a prize would be the answer to making it all happen.

My great friend and multiple Emmy Award winning movie director and producer, Nick Nanton, has created a great movie on the Peter Diamandis story. It’s free to watch only for a few days and I HIGHLY encourage you to do so. It’s an incredible story and it’s an incredible inspiration for all of us, even if we may be guilty of having smaller dreams than those of Peter.

Here’s the movie trailer

Visioneer Trailer (Official) from CelebrityFilms LLC on Vimeo.


Peter’s story demonstrates clearly, that we are all more powerful than we typically realize. What could you make happen? What dreams do you carry around, but fail to realize because you feel these are impossible dreams?

To watch the full movie, which I highly recommend, follow the link VISIONEER

Some great quotes from Peter for us to think about:

“What is the vision of the future you want to create”

“If it doesn’t happen, it’s YOU that didn’t step forward to make it happen. It’s not that it can’t happen”.


Again for full movie access watch it here: VISIONEER