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The Opportunity

What an opportunity this has turned out to be for me and also for all the other people that I know who are part of it.

When my friend, Anthony, first told me about the opportunity, I totally discarded it. It sounded odd and unusual and I wasn’t sure I really comprehended the whole mechanics of it. But most of all it just sounded too good to be true.

And when things sounds too good to be true, you know, they usually are too good to be true. So, “no thanks, Anthony – not interested“, was my response.

Of course my curiosity could not leave it at that, so when I spoke with Anthony a couple of months later, I could not help but asking him about his little venture and the results (if any) that he had gotten. Honestly, I was expecting him to give me some sort of reply of “well, yeah, it didn’t really pan out” or at best “I’m seeing some results, but not a big as I thought”. But instead he blew me away. He told me about, how he made his US$ 99 expense into basically an account worth in excess of US$ 8,000 after about 3 months. His account value was at US$ 12,500 after about 3.5 months. Wow!!

Ok, that called for more questions and “Hey, Anthony, you’ve got to tell me more about that again then. I’m interested in getting some of those results myself”, I immediately said.

And so he did. He locked me into his back office and I was able to see his results with my own eyes. Incredible.

Now, he explained once again how the entire thing worked and that all I needed to do on a daily basis was to spent about 2-3 minutes online basically just doing a few clicks with the mouse and some copying and pasting. Yes, it all still sound way to good to be true, but he had shown me his results and ultimately, it was just a matter of taking a leap of faith and try it out. In the end that really goes for anything in life. When you fall in love, you are also letting yourself taking a leap of faith. When you engage in a new business venture of any kind you are taking a leap of faith. If you go into partnership in anything, you are taking a leap of faith. In fact anything worthwhile usually involves that you must take that first leap of faith.

So I did. I leaped forward, doubtful and somewhat not entirely convinced, but willing to take the necessary step in order to see if I could really achieve such incredible results with such incredible ease.

Well, 17 days later, I had accrued the first US$ 2,500 from my engagement in the venture – money that I had decided I would donate away to Team Hole In The Wall charity. 30 days in and the increase of my account value was up to US$ 5,000. 40 days in the increase amounted to US$ 7,000. All achieved really with just a few clicks of a mouse and a little copying and pasting. It takes me all but 1-3 minutes a day and I can even do it from my iPhone, which comes in handy when I travel.

In in full disclosure I did put in some money to get as much speed to my results as possible, but the fact is that you can even sign up for free.

This is quite phenomenal. Because this means that anybody with access to internet and who knows how to do clicks with a mouse can achieve results similar to mine. Imagine how this could help a lot of people. Especially imagine how this could help a lot of people who have gotten hurt in the upset economy and who may find more month left at the end of their paycheck. Quite a few people are in that predicament I suspect.

Now there are actually some who already makes millions in this venture, but I won’t try to impose upon anybody that that would be achievable over night. But just imagine if you could get yourself an extra US$ 500 a month as a supplementary income. That would be a nice little extra addition for fun or help with your expenses. Or imagine that amount going to US$ 1,000 or maybe US$ 5,000 extra a month.

You don’t need to quit your job, if you have one and it wouldn’t impose on your job or in your private life. All you need to do pretty much is to spent a few minutes per day doing a few clicks and a little copy and pasting. Easy.

When you sign up, you too can achieve this. When you sign up you too will see the results building every day. When you sign up, you will have access to help and support to ensure that you will receive your results. When you sign up, you will learn about the 7 ways you can make money in this venture and how you can amplify and speed up your results.

Imagine the burden of your bills being lifted by the growing ability to pay them off.

Imagine the increase in freedom that a little extra money could bring you.

Imagine the extra sense of security that you will have when you have an extra income on a steady and residual basis, month after month.

Could you use a little extra cash?

Could you use a few hundred dollars extra a month?

Could you use a few thousands dollars extra a month?

Can you spare a couple of minutes extra, perhaps before you go to work?

Can you click a mouse?

Can you copy and paste?


When you sign up, I will personally show you my results that I have achieved so far and I will explain the opportunity in detail. I will not be selling you anything, but I will be showing you how you can make similar results. In full disclosure, I will gain benefits from your active participation in this venture, but I will not be taking money from you and you will not be sending me money. I wish to help as many people as possible and the cool thing is that in the process I ‘m automatically being rewarded. My rewards come from higher results, but also especially from the joy of helping a lot more people be rid of their debts, money worries or at least help bring some ease to what ever monetary pain the may be experiencing.

I have been in financial pain. Big pain. I had lost it all and had no solution in sight and creditors barking up my tree. I know how it is to have the bank and other creditors pounding down on you. I know the pain of not being able to meet your payments. I know the stress and the lack of focus and lack of sleep this can cause. And I experienced how it all turned me into situations where it really affected my personal relations too.

With this opportunity I see a potential way of helping a lot of people in a way that will immediately show them their own results, on a daily basis. And the results that they see in their account will inspire them to do even more to achieve even more success, and this success will build even more success. Til date, this is probably the best way I see for bringing some relief and pleasure and help to a lot of people. And for those who already have some money, well, how about making some more with such great speed and ease – who know, perhaps it could just buy you some new toy that you have been thinking of.

This opportunity is empowering. I went in with such skepticism and disbelief (but with hope and faith) and I have been positively astounded of the results so far and of the incredibly simple tasks that I have to do in order to achieve them. The results that I wrote about above were even achieved without signing anybody up, so if you think you absolutely must go and convince people to join this opportunity in order to have success, then know that I had signed nobody up myself to achieve my US$ 7,000 increase. But also do know, that by you helping others at the chance of this opportunity and by helping them to achieve similar results, you can escalate your results and get there with even more speed, all while the ones you helped will be pleased that you brought them the opportunity to get results too.

In other words, you can help a lot of people too and you will be helping yourself. But you can achieve results whether you sign up others or not.

I want you to have success with this, so I will be helping you all the way. Not only would this make me feel great that I know I’m making a positive impact on a lot of people, but you will actually be secured of my help, by simply knowing that if I know you are getting your success, then I know that you will stay actively engaged and that engagement will increase my results too. In other words, I have a super big incentive to ensure your success along the way.


By now, you should be pretty excited about the opportunity.

By now, you must be pretty curious about what it all is.

By now, you must know that you want some of this for yourself.


So sign up below and I will prove to you my results and show you exactly what I do and how you can do it too. Sign up is free.