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Thank you for connecting with me by signing up through my form. I really appreciate this.

As you know already or can learn through my website, I’m a multiple parallel and serial entrepreneur who endeavors in many, many varied activities and businesses.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that I have failed numerous times. Fortunately I’m happy to say I have also experienced some successes. In other words much experienced and much learned over time.

I endeavor to help others accomplish their goals and dreams and I try to share my experiences and what I have learned from them, so that others may learn from them and hopefully so others may be able to avoid the pitfalls and set backs that I went through on my journey and instead reach their goals faster and less painfully

Rest assured that I hate spam as much as anybody, so I endeavor not to spam you left and right and you always of course have the option of opting out. I hope, however, that you will with me and and be in touch.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions along the way too, so that I may better serve you in your needs.

You can email anytime at

I hope you will continue exploring my website. For latest news just head over to the blog area. For other interests, please browse around using the navigation or go back to the front page of my site. Feel free to connect with me also via Facebook and Twitter.