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Madison Ventures

Mikkel Pitzner partners with Madison Ventures

Mikkel Pitzner has partnered with business expert Samuel “Baruki” Cohen to offer their extensive business expertise to business owners who either are struggling with their businesses or who just wish to level up to the next levels of positive results, more growth and more profits.

Baruki has a string of very successful ventures behind him, including several cases of having founded or co-founded companies that went from scratch to over $10 or $15 millions in sales subsequently.

Mikkel has extensive experience from companies that span Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and the United States. In addition for more than 2 years, he traveled 5 to 6 days a week consulting businesses hands on all over the United States and Canada.

There are many businesses that started up small and grew successfully and making good results, then grew a bit more and all of a sudden the results are no longer positive, yet they are busier than ever, work harder than ever, but are only realizing loses.

What happened?

Well, often the business outgrew the skills of the founder or business operator. While things were smaller, they had a good sense of how to balance things. Now things are bigger and they do not have the skills or the tools to run the business.

It’s not their fault, for who would have taught them?

When things go well, you just keep going and everything seems like, this is going to be easy. One day, though, you wake up and everything is in trouble. Cash is tight. Results are negative. Debts have increased and you find yourself having trouble meeting your obligations.

Mikkel has helped many companies already turn around, and Baruki has demonstrated exceptional abilities of creating fast growth.

The partners are excited to help a lot of people and it is what motivates them. They have seen how such changes that they can help implement in the businesses and in the employees and in the business owners can truly change lives.

Madison Ventures, with corporate office at 275 Madison Avenue in New York, can be reached at 646-502-5004.