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Bonus For The New Rules Of The Game Book


The next big thing is about to hit USA with enormous force. The early adopters are the ones who stand to make the most of it.


Now what I’m presenting to you here is a rather long introduction, but believe me, I think you want to read it and to receive the information contained herein, for not only will what I’m presenting you here save you loads of money on your typical every day shopping, but I will also present to you a potentially ever expanding income stream to you.

I have admitted it before somewhere on my personal ego-website that I’m indeed and opportunity seeker. I just cannot help it. I love to see what new opportunities and possibilities one can engage in and in which you can achieve real results. Results that can become big – huge in fact.

Now I do have some criteria that I follow for me to be really interested in an opportunity and for me to actually continue an engagement into it, but if most of these criteria are met then the opportunity definitely moves to the top of my list of new ventures for me to really dive into and establish my next additional income stream. Now, don’t misunderstand me here. It’s not as if I always come out on top from such new ventures. In fact you cannot avoid sometimes being punched in the stomach from a venture that you went ahead with which you thought was going to be a real winner, but which instead turned out sour. It happens and it is no fun when it does. But without the willingness to sometimes try, you can never really expect to get ahead of the curve.

Looking back over the many years of various enterprises, I can safely say, that I would never have accomplished my big results that I have enjoyed from time to time, without having accepted the risk and having been willing to have a faith greater than my fears.

However, much previous experience has also made me wiser and more defined in what criteria that need to be met before I go ahead and invest my time, effort and potentially money into a new venture. My skills in sorting through the many potential opportunities have been honed over quite many years of entrepreneurship and running many, many very varied projects and businesses. I have learned greatly from my successes and probably even more so from my failures. So without further ado, let me go through the criteria that I list as my highest and which must be met in order for me to love an opportunity.


An opportunity and possible new venture for me must fulfill the following criteria to as far extend as possible to be a truly excellent opportunity:

1. The opportunity must be very little labor-intensive

2. The opportunity must be relatively inexpensive to engage in and start up

3. The opportunity must relatively soon have the ability to become self-financed

4. The opportunity (or rather the results) must be scalable to huge extend, preferably able to provide exponential results or better

5. The opportunity must be automatize-able to great extend


Allow me to take some time to explain my criteria a little.

In my past I have run two companies that had a staff each of more than 200 employees in a given year. Although there are many great upsides and experiences to work with and be engaged with a great number of people and employees, I also have found that it can be at times very challenging and frustrating. In truth, and this is probably just due to my personal lack at times of patience, I find that there can be a need for too much hand-holding or too much need to carefully weigh your words or hold your tongue altogether. I have also found that while I believe the biggest results are usually created with a great team of people, rather than anything you can accomplish solo, I have also found myself in situation where a single employee in an instant was able to ruin what had taken years and a lot of effort for a lot of fellow people in the team to built up.

So let’s just say, I prefer to work with opportunities that require very little staff if any.


I have in previous endeavors lost more money than I care to remember. It is just a fact that a lot of new businesses will not make it through to adulthood and statistics tell a terrible tale of failure rates that often have been quoted upwards 85% within the first 5 years. I have lost on new ventures myself. Several times. It always hurts. But like I stated above, I would never have been able to make the great results that I have had the pleasure of achieving without trying again and allowing myself the risk of going into new and other ventures. You do your careful analysis and due diligence as best you can and make the best decision you can at the time. With some luck, persistence and determination, you sometimes land the right thing and with more and more experience you usually become better and better at judging what will give you the right results and what will probably not.

Previous losses have made me more careful about how much I want to risk going into something new. Not just in terms of money, but also in terms of time and in terms of emotional strain. So one of my criteria is that an optimal new venture will not require too much of an investment to enter into and will still soon be able to show results. Preferably the venture will also very quickly become self-sustainable and self-financed. This is not to say that there are not a great deal of really good opportunities that would be truly worth while, but which do require a great deal of investment and possible draw down of liquidity before  the positive results will come to you, but most of the time, such opportunities are just not for me. I love when a venture requires almost no capital to move forward and in which you can quickly achieve some results which then can be reinvested so that the results and venture can grow even further and in which way you can eventually make some truly magnificent results out of. That way, you are not risking too much of the money that you have somehow acquired from other previous efforts, but still have the potential of creating an additional income stream to your livelihood.


Now my next criteria states that the venture must be scalable and preferably to a huge extend. Achieving positive results are great, but it becomes really phenomenal when you can achieve really astoundingly huge results and preferably very, very rapidly.

In the summer of 2008 I had achieved the highest success in terms of money that I have ever achieved up till then. You might say though that it had take me about 40 years to get there. Problem was that it only took me about 6 months to lose it all and then some. By the end of the year 2008, I not only lost all my money, but I actually was left with a huge debt-burden on top of that, owing more money away than I was worth. Using my experience and with renewed look on things, though, I was able to work my way back into decent state again, and this time at a much more rapid speed than before. So by April 2010, i.e. less than 2.5 years later, I was actually completely debt-less, something I hadn’t been since I was about 14 years old and I still lived in a million plus dollar home, had a new top model 599 Ferrari, my Hummer and my 2 collectors Ducati 1098s and my big art collection, along with my best companies intact etc.

The experienced taught me to think bigger than I had ever before (and I even thought I used to think big) and it taught me that results are achievable to a bigger extend and achievable with greater speed than I had thought possible up till then. Thus the experience also left me with the focus that I should engage myself only in endeavors that would bring such great and speedy results about, rather than accept the more traditional slow build up of results.

In other words scalability is very important for the opportunity that I wish to go further with.


Now the final criteria that I listed above states a wish for the opportunity to be automatize-able to as great an extend as possible.

Most people fear losing their job. I on the hand fear gaining a job.

I really do not wish to be locked down in a 9 til 5 job (or heck more hours for that matter) every day slaving away at some job –  day in and day out. This is not to say that I’m lazy, because I truly believe that I’m not and I can actually enjoy working a lot on some project. But there is a great difference to be heavily engaged in some new venture and give it your all for some time, until you can step back and see it continue with great results and you now just have to nudge the controls a little once in a while and having to work at a job, because you need he wage the job is paying you. So in other words, I like when I can set the new venture free almost on its own and it will still produce the results or even better continue its rapid line of results.


For an opportunity to be able to fulfill these criteria – most of them let alone all of them – is not entirely easy. Certain questions must be asked along the way to see if the opportunity could potentially be right and fulfill such criteria. One such question might be, what technical stumbling block would one have to encounter and solve to get there. With little need for employees, you are often left with a greater need for some technical advances to help you get there. What are these and are they within reach?

Another and most important question for any opportunity that you might engage in is: What market are you serving and more importantly who are you serving and how do you bring value to them? If you bring enough value to the market place (preferable charging way lower than the value you provide) then you will surely be compensated by the market.


Well, it just so happens that I have just been introduced to what I believe will be the next big thing in the US. It is already big in Europe and already can boast of a 9 year track record. It has a great value proposition to pretty much everybody and it present also people with a great business opportunity that with a little effort can provide them with a noticeable stream of income. Indeed the opportunity will not even interfere with any job one may be handling already as it is something one can do on the side. My guess is though, that a number of people will be reaping such results that they will soon consider quitting their day job altogether.

What’s more you can enter the business pretty much without any cost or expenditure to you.

Yes, there is an element of a multi level marketing (MLM) in this opportunity, but the really neat thing is, that the value proposition to everybody even if you take away the enormous potential for everybody with the MLM part is pretty much a no-brainer. For what it offers is a cash back on pretty much all the typical purchases that most people do on a regular basis anyway. In all likelihood the people can even continue shopping the same places they are used to, so they do not even have to change their behavior for them to benefit or for you as an affiliate of the business to benefit. Everyone’s a winner in this one. The vendor is happy, because he/she is just using part of his/her marketing budget towards customer loyalties for this program and stands to get more customers flock to him/her. The customer is happy cause the expenditure was going to be met anyways, but now the customer gets a little cash back as part of the rewards of showing the system loyalty.

And those who do choose to become affiliates they are extremely happy, cause they have a loyalty program to offer everybody that everybody really ought to like and that will not cost them anything to benefit from and as an affiliate they could eventually make big money, not just once, but on a residual and recurring level, month after month after month.

Finally the company offering this phenomenal program is directing a huge amount of proceeds to worth while causes around the world, so everybody in the loop is actually helping do some good with the system.


To win in this opportunity, you will no labor other than the effort at what ever level you choose to bring. You can sign up for free, so you do not necessarily have to meet a huge investment for you to get anywhere and unlike most other MLM programs, there are no auto-ship which are associated with auto-expenditures to you every month and there is no recurring monthly subscription fee. My criteria 1, 2 and 3 are thus already met in this program.

The opportunity is hugely scalable and what’s even more cool is that it is still so very new here in the US. At time of this writing, there are less than 50,000 people signed up. In fact I believe I was told yesterday that the number was down in the 15,000 region. With an estimated potential for the US alone of over 300,000,000 the potential for growth is huge. How often do you hear about a great MLM opportunity, that offers something that pretty much everybody ought to like and that does not cost you a bundle to start up in and which is still at its infancy for your country, yet hold proven track record of 9 years and with huge results (if memory serves me correctly the company did over US$ 700,000,000 last month alone).

As the benefits are in themselves huge enticements to keep up with the program and as the benefits can be derived from pretty much all types of daily and recurring purchases, then once you have presented it to enough people you will soon have an additional income stream that will keep on coming in and as such the stream will be pretty much automatized.

In other words you might say that all of my criteria have been met with this opportunity. This is why I myself am super excited at this opportunity. In fact as soon as I heard the introduction of it I signed up. Only those who take action can ever expect to receive results.

There really aren’t much of any objections to this opportunity and trust me, I’m like most other people not a huge lover of MLM programs.

If you understand the potential of this opportunity then you will surely grab this opportunity and secure a spot near the top (i.e. early in the game). Remember that as an affiliate you will gain benefits from purchases made by all those who sign up underneath you and from those that they sign up. The benefits for all are there with pretty much all the purchases one would make in a typical month, such as groceries, gas, travel expenses etc, so in other words, everybody stands to gain month after month after month. Your results could grow exponentially and your residual could eventually come in your door month after month after month after the initial work has been done and you could choose to just add to it once in a while (my guess is though you will be so inspired that you will want to seek out how you can speed it all up even more and grow it even further and my guess is also that your success will be so noticeable that friends, family and surroundings will come to you and ask what you are doing to create such success, and then they too will want to sign up). And in the entire process you are actually helping people better their situations, better their livelihoods and helping them secure their income in an economy in which a lot of people are struggling and have been struggling for some time.

Trust me, helping a lot of people will give you the most fantastic feeling and your will be even more inspired and feel even more supercharged. That’s why, when I thought about what I would offer to people as my bonus for this book launch, I came to the conclusion that introducing them to this opportunity would hold by far the most value that I could think of. A real value right away (cash back on pretty much all purchases you meet on a regular basis) and an opportunity for them to help other people while benefiting themselves with residual income potentials that could become of magnificent magnitude.


I will take no money from you from this introduction, but naturally if you sign up for the program via me, then I will benefit via the system, so in full disclosure, yes I stand to benefit. But I’m happy to benefit of course while also knowing that I’m helping a lot of people and hopefully you too, saving them and you money on their and your purchases while not asking them nor you to change their nor your behavior and while presenting them and you with residual and recurring and growing income potentials,  that they and you can work on as a side line, as a hobby or more likely probably soon will want to put even more efforts into as their  and your benefits grow.


I hope that you can see the value of what I’m giving you here. If not and if you are disappointed in my bonus, just let me know and I will give you instead a free chapter from each of my previous two best selling books. I really want you to feel that this bonus is the best one you ever saw and I should love to hear your comments on it. Know also that should you decide to join the program, that I along with a team will be glad to assist you as much as we can in order for you to get off to a  good start so that you can reap the many benefits the program offers.




I make no income promises here and in fact the entire program is actually completely out of my hands. But I will help as much as I can and I do personally trust and believe in the program and the opportunity it offers. Any money that you may wish to put into the program must be done after your own due diligence has been carefully done and after your own careful review. Only you can be responsible for any expenditures that you accept towards the program. I’m not an owner or a legal entity of the program. I’m just an affiliate just like what I suggest you consider for yourself. In any and all ventures there are risks. Please do your own review and make your own conclusions.