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Press Release: December 5, 2012, Successful Entrepreneur Gives Away Free Program Showing You How To Build Your Own Website


Successful Marketing Expert and Entrepreneur Mikkel Pitzner is launching his online information product titled WordPress For Non-Techies which actually offers a Free Fast Track video series that will show the newbie how to take their website from the generic look to a website that has the look and feel of your choosing

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. December 5, 2012 – Mikkel Pitzner, marketing expert, businessman, partner and owner of many thriving companies is giving away a Free Fast Track video series. The video series shows the new comer to building websites how to quickly make it look and feel the way the user want it to.

On making this information product available, Mikkel Pitzner noted:

“If you look at all the businesses and activities I’m engaged in you will quickly understand my need for having many different websites, each of which will communicate, represent and promote its own business, product range, services or expertise. I do so many different and much varied things that a lot of the activities are completely unrelated. That means that each activity or business really must have its own platform to support it – and by platform I mean also website.

I used to have to pay for having my websites built. But seeing that I not only had to pay typically at least around US$ 5-6,000 per website (and those were just the inexpensive ones), but also that I always were stuck when I needed updates to the sites having to pay for this to happen and then be at the mercy of other people’s attention and time frames it quickly became a bit of a pain point for me. So I decided to learn how to built them for myself.

Now going through my learning experience took quite a bit of time. There are many great things out there to find by searching, but I never managed to find a one-stop good program that would help me from A to Z in a not-too-technical way and not least in a naturally progression of building up my website. Even all the programs that I bought – some better than others – didn’t show me the way for this. So that’s why I thought to myself that this was totally missing on the market and thus I thought, well, hey, I will just make it myself and make it available. So in effect this is the program that I wish I had had when I started out to learn how to build my own websites.”

As part of getting people started off on the good foot, Mikkel Pitzner is giving away a Free Fast Track video series for building your own website. “Great for any type of website and message that you wish to bring out there for the world to see” as Mikkel Pitzner puts it.

“You know what? I have found it so uplifting when you can help someone and make a difference for them. For those who are even considering building a website I believe this program can help them. Even just the free part will enable them to build their website”, concluded Mikkel Pitzner.

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About Mikkel Pitzner:

Originally from Denmark, where he used to run what turned into the fourth largest car rental company while he quadrupled its locations. The company also had consisted of a leasing division and his leadership helped double the size of that division in just a few years. Up until recently Mikkel Pitzner owned and operated the largest limousine service company in Denmark which profits he managed to grow 3200% during the first year of ownership alone. The company served the most discerned clientele, including no less than 3 recent US presidents, being George Bush, President Clinton and President Obama. Mikkel also successfully ran an import and distribution company for scuba diving equipment until that company was sold to a German distributor.

Currently Mikkel Pitzner owns several companies and is a partner of yet another string of companies. Activities span several countries including Denmark, Sweden, US and soon Germany and Poland.

Mikkel is a multiple best selling author and speaker and teaches entrepreneurs on marketing in the new economy and shows you as an entrepreneur how to create a business that will provide you with the lifestyle of your choice while taking you off the treadmill of your job, so you can spend your time on things of your choosing, family and passions.

He is also a professional board of directors member sitting currently on boards of at least 9 companies including a public company and spanning several countries in Europe and the USA.

Mikkel Pitzner has been featured on CNBC, abc,, Entrepreneur, Fox News, CBS News, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fast Company, SmartMoney, USA Today and NBC. Mikkel Pitzner was also a guest on the Brian Tracy TV Show.

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