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Running Multitudes Of Businesses – A Challenge For Sure


Yes, running several businesses all at the same time on top of starting off multiple different projects is definitely a challenge. Spreading yourself thin over many projects all at once is definitely something that can make a lot of things, a lot of your projects, a lot of your dreams go nowhere. However, that being said, you can actually make it happen. It’s not necessarily easy, but with the right focus, tools and people it can be done.

I love to do a multitudes of things. Not just in my areas of interests and hobbies, but also in business. I like a lot of shiny objects that present themselves to me – so to speak. The challenge is of course how to master the in-all-places interests and actually achieve the results you hope and strive for.

One of the best ways to tackle this and your ambition for running multitudes of things all at the same time is to utilize people or teams and tools. The people factor is what you would come to expect hiring the right people for the various jobs at hand. The right people can make it possible for you to achieve the right results. It’s an obvious part of the equation you might expect me to suggest. Finding and getting that perfect right team is a different matter altogether. Not always very easy. Not always without some struggles, set backs and frustration – not to mention pain. Further details on people, hiring people and managing people I will leave for a future discussion. But going back to the other part of the equation leaves tools.

One of the very important tools for running your business – and even more so, running several businesses – is your P&L statement, reviewed on a regular basis, and your budget.

Yet, I’m often astounded by just how many business owners and entrepreneurs I meet on regular basis from all over who seem so unaccustomed to actually placing much effort and attention to this. If you wish to have a lifestyle that will afford you the income gained from running a business (or several) you need to utilize these tools. A budget will show you the viability of your business. Of course your budget can be completely off, but I do not see why it would be extremely off unless you didn’t do your budgeting work decently to begin with. A monthly review of your P&L statement (your profits & loss statement) will tell you if you are on track, lacking or perhaps hopefully ahead. It can also let you know if you need to do some adjustments to the way the business is run (or the way in which your team is running your business).

If you know your numbers well, then you can to a greater extend actually step away from the business and have others take care of most of the operations for you. Why? Well, because if you know your numbers well and you review your business numbers on at least a monthly basis, then you can very quickly access whether you are heading for the results you are striving for. If you are not you should relatively quickly be able to see where in the equation things go wrong and thus find out where it is that you need to address your team’s attention towards.


The Plan For Success System

I’m in the midst of finalizing a small program on this exactly topic.

The Plan For Success System

The program was born out of a chapter that I wrote for a great book-collaboration I was invited to do with one of my own mentors, Mr. Brian Tracy. You must know Brian Tracy. If you don’t, you are really missing out. I highly suggest you get acquainted with his material (there is a lot!). The book-collaboration resulted in the book called The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need. It became an instant best seller on Amazon when it was released earlier this year. Among the other co-authors you find Robert G. Allen, with whom I have also worked and Masterminded and who has a long string of best selling books behind him and who has sold over a billion dollars worth of information products. Yes, that’s a billion with a b. Leigh Steinberg, who is the real life character of Jerry Macguire, portrayed by Tom Cruise in the the film of same name, also contributed to this book. I have had the great fortune of meeting Leigh on a few occasions and he has many lessons to share from his world. My friend Larry “The Connector” Benet is also part of the book collaboration along with a few other very remarkable people that I’m quite happy to be associated with and whose names you may know (or should get to know). In other words, the book is filled with insights from a lot of great people who have achieved much and who have made a remarkable life.

I expect the special program that looks a little further in depth of this particular aspect of running a business to be released within a week, so be sure to keep a look out for it. In fact, may I suggest that you sign up for my newsletter, so I can advice you on its release and/or progression?

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From Marketing Miracles Cover Mikkel Pitzner

Another Book Another Best Seller List

Once again I have been fortunate to have a book hit the best seller list. In fact 5 best seller lists were hit on Amazon on its release date.

The book in concern is Marketing Miracles which I co-authored with Dan Kennedy and it carries the sub-title Odd, Unusual, Breakthrough Strategies That Build Great Businesses!

Marketing Miracles features top advice from leading entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing experts in a variety of industries from around the world. The authors tackle an array of subjects including the most creative strategies and tactics to attract clients and customers…and keep them, as well as guarantee higher sales conversations. I contributed a chapter titled “The Power Of A Price?

My chapter looks at the two extremes: Selling something at an uniquely high price and selling something for Free and I look at some real life examples of how you can benefit greatly in your business from utilizing either or possibly both of these strategies. I have had personal experience with both strategies and can vouch for their effectiveness. But there are pitfalls that you want to avoid. More on this matter can be found in the chapter I contributed to the book. Other great chapters are in the book from some of the greatest marketeers of today, including Dan Kennedy himself. Those not familiar with Dan Kennedy owe themselves to get to learn from him. He is truly one of the greatest current marketing strategist of today and is in fact widely know for this.

Marketing Miracles can be bought on Amazon or you can order a copy from me.

A press release was issued today also, which you can read here.


Marketing Miracles Cover Mikkel Pitzner

Marketing Miracles Cover Mikkel Pitzner

Marketing Miracles Hits 5 Best Seller Lists

The recently released book collaboration called Marketing Miracles which features top marketeers including the notorious and world renown marketeer Dan Kennedy as well as myself went to instant best seller lists in 5 categories:

Direct Marketing
Marketing Research Business
Marketing and Sales
Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Thanks to all who supported the launch of the book. I hope you enjoy the insights that the marketeers share.


Thank you to Nick Nanton and his team also for putting this together and inviting me to collaborate on the project.

The Success Secret Book Cover Featuring Mikkel Pitzner & Jack Canfield

New Book Makes 7 Best Seller Lists

Wow! The new book collaboration that was released August 23rd 2012 made not just one but seven best seller lists.

The new book is titled The Success Secret and subtitled The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Their Secrets for Success in Business And in Life. It features among the many experts legendary Jack Canfield, famous for the Chick Soup For The Soul book series.


The categories in which the book landed best seller status were:

Business Skills

Communication Skills

Direct Marketing

Best Entrepreneurship

Marketing and Sales


Small Business & Entrepreneurship


You can read the press release here