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From very early age, Peter was so enthralled with the prospect of space travel, so when he grew up and it was

Update On Project Baseline

Spurred on by many “likes” and congratulations that I have received these past days in connection with my anniversary with Project Baseline, I thought it would be a good opportunity to give an update to the initiatives of Project Baseline and perhaps also remind people that this is in fact a non-profit initiative and that […]

Happy 4th Of July

It’s the fourth of July today. (first published on Medium, July 4th 2015) So first of, a very Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends out there. You may not know this already, but I’m Danish. Born and raised in Denmark. Took my University education, studying Economics at University College of London in […]

Now Also Publishing On Medium

I’ve had an account on Medium.com for some time now. But I have hardly used it, let alone written on it. Well, all of that has just recently changed. I posted my first entry there on June 25 2015 and yesterday I continued and posted my second post there.  There are predominantly 3 reasons for […]

Free Book On Marketing From Best Selling Author

Mikkel Pitzner, author and co-author of currently 9 books, including 8 Best Selling books, is giving away for free one of his books on online marketing   Yesterday, Amazing Ideas, Inc. announced that they would give away for free the book titled: “Mikkel Pitzner’s Trade Secrets For Marketing Your Business Online.” The book which has […]

Why Google’s Latest Algorithm Change Is A Great Blessing In Disguise

I wrote a new article today that spells out a great and possibly somewhat unique opportunity that many businesses have right now. It’s an open window, but who knows how much longer it will stay open.   Why Google’s Latest Algorithm Change Is A Great Blessing In Disguise The latest algorithm change that Google rolled […]

Mikkel Pitzner Speaks At Beyond Strategy’s Workbench

Workbench lead by Ingrid Pyka, the CEO of (Going) Beyond Strategy invited Mikkel Pitzner to share his insights to how to become and be memorable in a world that is increasingly losing attention span. I had the utmost pleasure of presenting my insights on what I call The Attraction Factor or rather a sub part […]